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Crane Ultrasonic Facial Mister


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Crane Ultrasonic Facial Mister Crane Ultrasonic Facial Mister Crane Ultrasonic Facial Mister

Keep cool over our hot, humid summers with a Crane Ultrasonic Facial Mister. Ultrasonic cool mist technology delivers moisture right where it's needed to hydrate skin. Great for cooling hot babies and children and also hot, tired mums!

Totally portable, with easy USB recharging and no batteries to dispose of. This makes it ideal to take camping or pop in your handbag for cooling on the go!

When winter time brings stuffy noses and congested sinuses, this can also be a handy portable alternative to your Crane Vaporiser unit at home.

Crane's motto is 'design for better living' and come the height of summer you'll be glad you chose a premium product!

- Totally portable, USB rechargeable and no batteries

- Easy to refill

- Ideal for hydrating skin for young or old!

- Ultrasonic technology

How to use:

Fill the water tank - Holding the base, turn the tank counter-clockwise to unscrew it from the base.

Pour water (from a tap or jug) into the hole.

Replace by up-ending the mister base, screwing it back on in a clockwise direction, tighten and return upright.

Using the mister - turn the charged unit on by sliding the cover down.

Spray at a distance of 10-15 cm from the face.

Slide the cover up to turn off, and keep the cover up when not in use.

If you find water drops collecting on the mist output, wipe away and turn the mister up and down a couple of times to free up the output again.

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