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For Hospital Use Only

Nesting gives baby the security of boundaries that are created naturally within Mummy’s womb, this helps to keep them snug and secure which enhances their sleep pattern.

Claire's Clinical Nest has been modified so the sides can be folded down to accommodate respiratory equipment, wires and tubing. This feature also allows easier access to neonates for cares and procedures, supporting minimal handling.

Any neonate nursed prone or lateral within Claire’s Clinical Nest MUST be monitored via a cardio respiratory monitor or apnoea box. This should be discussed and explained to parents. Safe sleeping with regards to reducing SUDI risk, should always be discussed with parents in accordance with current healthcare guidelines.

Temperature control is important when using Claire’s Nest, as it provides a thermal environment for the neonate. The neonates temperature should be checked prior to placing in the nest, and 1 hour later to avoid overheating. Temperatures should be observed regularly. Please be mindful of incubators using humidity and neonates being dressed as they mature, or undressed for observation or procedures. It is advisable to document any changes, to ensure consistency in temperature monitoring and control.
Position changes should be regular over the day from left to right side and alternating between prone, supine and lateral, as the neonates condition allows.

Regular position change in neonates can help reduce head moulding and flattening, and provides pressure care relief to support good skin integrity. Lateral and Prone positioning has also shown to improve digestion and respiratory effort in some neonates.

When positioning in Claire’s clinical nest, the neonate’s hands should always be placed towards their mouth to allow self-soothing.

Hips should be rounded and well supported to avoid the knees or hips spreading out. Feet should always be positioned snugly at the base of the nest.
When positioning try to avoid abduction and rotation of hips and shoulders, and keep feet, legs and hips aligned whenever possible.

The nest straps can be used to provide further containment. Movement should never be restricted or prevented, and a flexed midline position should always be supported.

All neonates individual needs should be assessed. If unsure about positioning, staff should seek guidance from their Clinical Educator or ward Physiotherapist.

Do not use if any component is broken or missing.

Nests are recommended for hospital use only, and should not be used inside a carry cot or a pram.
IMPORTANT — Read the instructions carefully before use and keep them for future reference.

Size information:
Nest sizes are provided for guidance only. Always assess each neonate individually, and use an appropriate sized nest . Cuski’s Bertie positioning aid can be used to help customise each nest for individual use.

Inside nest sizes as follows:

Extra small.     For babies <900g (L 32 x W 13 cms)
Small.              For babies of 800-1350g (L 36 x W 18 cms)
Medium.          For babies of 1300-2250g (L 43 x W 20 cms)
Large.              For babies > 2250g (L 50 x W 21 cms)

Washing information:
Machine Washable – Can wash up to 90 degrees however we recommend lower to help save the planet!
*Cool Dry Only*
Made from 100% combed cotton with child friendly stuffing.
Made ethically in Turkey.

*Safety Always! Babies must be monitored at all times.

If you are a member of the medical team on NICU or SCBU and wish to purchase for your units, please sales@littlebirdbrands.co.nz and we will send you all the relevant information and hospital prices.
If you would like to purchase over 5 units as a donation to your preferred NICU or SCBU, please contact sales@littlebirdbrands.co.nz for more information and discount on bulk purchase.

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